Take a break from your busy day and stop by our Twitter-Powered Vending Machine for a special treat!

Rather than accepting currency like a typical vending machine, this interactive machine is powered by your social media posts. Simply Tweet a Message or Photo and you will instantly receive a FREE treat.

Here's how it works:

Visitors to the machine are encouraged to write a Tweet with the #EventHashTag and #SecretCode sharing their experience to activate the machine.


A custom hashtag that can be chosen by you. Once our machine finds the event hashtag it will automatically dispense an item.


To prevent abuse, the secret code is a 3 digit number randomly generated after each activation of the machine. This ensures that visitors must be physically at the machine in order to trigger a dispense.


The machine runs off a Arduino Uno which is powered by a Laptop Computer running a custom written JAVA Application. We utilize the Twitter Streaming API to deliver near instant response. Simply said, we are using the latest technologies to deliver innovative results.

*An internet connection is required.

Want us at your next Event?

Rental of the machine and all required hardware/software is included starting for as low as $200. Please contact us for additional details.

Our All-inclusive Packages Include:
  • Use of the Machine for 3 Hours
  • Transport to Venue (within 20 KMs)
  • On-site Technician
  • Mobile Internet Connection
  • Custom Branded Visuals (Digital)
You are responsible for providing and obtaining the item you wish to dispense.

Need More?

  • Additional Usage Hours
  • Public Wireless Hotspot (allow users to interact without data or WiFi)
  • Physical Custom Branding (Vinyl, Posters, Banners, etc)
Please contact us for pricing.

Contact Us: